The Video Library

This is the first and smallest limit of poker, if you’re just starting out it’s way better to watch these videos and learn as many simple basics as you can about the game!

You’ve now understood most of the basics and you’re beating the really bad players and the rake at NL2, so now it’s time to move up and try our skill at NL5! These videos will help you understand more of what’s going on there!

Coming up from NL5 to NL10 you’re now supposed to know a lot of theory and basic exploitation methods. These videos will help you go further down the path of understanding opponent’s thought processes and advanced leak exploitation and fixing!

More and more every day, you engulf in poker knowledge. Videos, books, articles, streams, play, all day. Eat, sleep, poker, repeat. In case you’re hitting a wall going upwards, these videos are here to help!

Let’s face it. We’re all impatient! We can’t wait to make it to the top, but even if our final objective is so clear in our minds and we imagine ourselves every day beating that NL500 Zoom, but there’s still a few walls to pass. Use these videos as ladders!

After this point you’re ready to go take on the big guys and all there is to do is to keep growing. Get in here and maintain that passion for advancement!

Relax and sharpen your poker knowledge by trying different formats of poker! A cash game player should also be proficient in tournaments!

Re-watch our live streams and get maximum knowledge to improve your poker game on the spot!