What to do when you get 3bet (reraised) in online poker

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The majority of you guys are having problems here and I’m going to try to ease out your pain, stop the bleeding and surmount the torture, so that you can finally breathe in these highly aggressive games of today.

I could expand on 3-betting and getting 3-bet up to a million words, but I’m not going to fill your head with very long explanations, I’m going to be clear and concise on this one, because there’s a lot to talk about and I want to fill your head only with the most valuable of information that you can acquire from this website.

First of all, let’s try to understand the differences between 3-bet sizings and how wide do we need to call vs each, which types of opponents are 3-betting and what range are they representing, which ones adjust positionally and which don’t, and how to play efficiently versus each one. Also, more in-depth regular table 3-bet pot analysis will be available. Also, when do we actually get to bluff post-flop? Is it different than single-raised pots? All this and more incoming.

First of all, let’s figure out the math behind 3-bets and different sizes that your opponents can 3-bet preflop.

First of all, what you should know is that if you get min 3-bet (your opponent clicks the raise button without actually moving the slider), you’re generally supposed to call with everything. The pot odds that you are getting are so good you can never fold a hand. All in all, you can even start 4-betting for value a lot wider for value because most of the players who will min 3bet you will generally be less solid and their 3-bet range really wide. This means that KQ/AJ+ and 99+ will generally be a good 4-betting range vs this min3b unless the stats of the other player indicate that he is re-raising very tight. Also, these minraises are sometimes misclicks so the most awesome thing vs these is to never fold.

Dirty Trick: If the person who does this is a solid reg and you’ve seen him 3-betting a normal 3xish size, then always go for the big 4-bet, no matter what hand you have. It’s very likely that his min3bet was a misclick, and you scoop the pot way too often for this to not be a profitable endeavor no matter what cards you have.

Now, let’s say if you opened 3bb from the CO and BTN 3-bets to 9bb, and the blinds both fold. You have to call 6bb into a total pot of 19.5bb. Your pot odds will be 6/19.5=~30%.

How is this useful? This is the first step in estimating what exactly is the range that you’re supposed to call with around here.

If you’re in position, the idea is to call the hands that you can’t really 4-bet neither as bluff nor value, and that have enough equity to satisfy pot odds vs the opponent’s estimated 3-betting range. Being in position gives you a massive advantage in 3-bet pots, even more than in single raised pots, because in 3-bet pots your opponent has to invest 3x more money per street on average and, first of all, it’s way easier to get his stack when you’re in position. Second, you’re really getting a lot more money when you hit in position because in 3-bet pots you don’t really have to protect yourself that much against draws, so you can call call and then either your opponent will shove the river, or he bets and you can raise all in, or he can check and you can value bet or just shove.

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