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9th place hurts. It always does. You’re so close to the money that you can almost taste it. The glorious feeling of being heads up for a briefcase full of hundred dollar bills is so good that you’d even call your parents to watch, even if they don’t understand anything and they keep telling you to get a job and stop slacking. But you know your job is the hardest ever in your life, and that’s to take this whole badboy down!

That’s not even to mention the bragging rights on every Beats, Brags and Variance forum that ever existed. The praise, the attention, the Facebook and Instagram likes, the followers rejoicing on your victory, waiting for your next big score. They do want you to be the World Series of Poker Champion, don’t they? A new Rolex watch because you’re bored of the old one. That Mustang Shelby you’ve been dreaming of. You want to live what Nick Cage went through in Gone in 60 Seconds, you have to. Hair in the wind, driving fast on the streets of St. Tropez in good company, then jumping into a house party, landing into the pool of pink water and sipping on that Moet&Chandon, suddenly you find the meaning of life.

And then that damn dame of spades hits the river and all your dreams are shattered, busting out in 9th, losing Ace King to Ace Queen when the bad beat hits the river. This is not even BBV worthy, you shrug. Still, it’s a good score, maybe you can get one of those 40 inch TVs you’ve been looking at, isn’t it Black Friday on Amazon this week? Time to bust out the coupons and drop by the Dollar Store for some amenities!

But there’s another option and you know it so well! You know that you can get to that final table, you can win that big tournament and you can get the freedom of action lifestyle that you want, you only have to study really well and put in the volume. After all, there are so many online courses out there, but what’s the best one?

Well, hello there, article reader, it’s me, the writer. Time to make things a bit more personal. This is an open letter from me to you, in which I want to share with you something really important. I’ve gone through ALL the online tournament poker courses, for MTT, SNG, Spin and Go, new, old and everything in between, every single one of them thoroughly studied. And I know you’ve been looking at them too wondering if you should buy them or not? After all, some of them are a thousand dollars! It’s very hard when you get 9th place to find the motivation to shell out $1000 (or even more in some cases) to buy a poker tournament course. Those prices are humongous, sure, they help you make more money, but will it actually be worth it? Also, if you’re a recreational poker player looking to get better, or even a seasoned pro that thinks he knows most of the data regarding the game and doesn’t even think that most of the info in the course will be new to him, you are completely right. You are more than right, you are absolutely correct. Most of these high priced courses will contain a plethora of basic information to make them “long” and “buy-worthy” but a lot of it is common knowledge and “get to work!” kind of mentality, which isn’t really helpful because you could have hired uncle John for that money to constantly stand over your shoulder and shout “WORK HARDER!”, and if you take too long of a break, take your phone away and carry you back to your “racing chair” where you can HRC and ICMIZE away in a neverending loop of unfulfillingness.

Poker used to be fun, right? I mean, before all these solvers and GTO calculators and trainers and all kinds of new TOs coming around the corner that can give any newbie a clear answer on what he has to do, provided he can have enough RAM and money to invest into software. So unfair!

But alas. what if I told you that we do not live in such bad times, and the fun isn’t gone, but you’ve not been guided by the right material, person, mindset. What if you don’t have to pay a brutal amount of money for a poker tournament class or course that will tell you “get Holdem Resources Calculator, PioSolver, Simple Postflop, Simple Preflop, Simple GTO Trainer, MonkerSolver, a pet monkey, ICMIZER 3, Power Equilab, ICM Explorer, Holdem Manager 3, PokerTracker 4 and PokerSnowie and SPIN YOUR HEAD around them like a MAD MAN and that’s the ONLY WAY to beat the competition” because that’s not fun, now is it?

But there is one course. One which I’ve been taken fully by surprise and literally just found out about it, I must have been living under a ROCK. After a few videos I literally adored the content and I went full throttle. I took it ALL IN and boy did I enjoy it. You see, this course is not focused on turning you into a GTO bot. After all, poker has to also be fun to be a sustainable job in the long run and being a robot is definitely not enjoyable.

This course is focused on making you think the evilest ways in which you can literally exploit your opponent, coming from a WSOP bracelet winner of 8 WSOP Final Tables, add one extra WPT Final Table to complete the bill, Ryan “PROTENTIALmn” LaPlante, who also just won the PokerMasters Pot-Limit Omaha $10.000 Entry Championship!

Let me tell you something else, this straight to the point, concise, surefire course of learning poker tournament is better than any “masterclass” or “code” or “system” out there. It’s a new way to think and a new way to execute and I guarantee you that if you are even a professional player you will have a LOT to learn from this course. This is not only the most “outside-the-box” course that I’ve ever went through, but also the most jam-packed with super data, clear as day so that everyone can understand it online class ever. And the best part is, it’s on a subscription model, which most courses nowadays don’t have, they charge an absurd amount right off the bat so you pay loads and even if you don’t like the course or it’s not useful, there’s nothing you can do about it! Okay, I had your interest, but now I have your attention.

The Author

With over Five Million Dollars in cumulated earnings, Ryan LaPlante has made a name for himself in both the worlds of live and online poker alike.

With a tendency of slightly repeating myself, World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner, 8 total final tables at the WSOP, 1 final table at the WPT and $10K PLO PokerMasters Champion in Las Vegas.

But let’s see what other people say!

PokerStars SharkScope Graph:

That sexy up stick at the end, that’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

I could say more but I would believe by now you’d be interested on the course! So let’s get into,

The Curricula

Now, before we get into anything, you HAVE to know that there’s a $10.000 Tournament Stake Competition going on, and all LearnProPoker members can participate in it! You can find the rules right HERE HERE HERE. Don’t worry, you will also get $1000 towards all travel expenses, so you don’t necessarily have to be from the US of A to play it. And even if you are, that’s pocket money bro!

Getting to the content, first off, a quote from the first post in the site’s blog:

Ryan: “I personally view LearnProPoker as a living and evolving project. I intend to add content to it monthly as I improve as a player, or, as mistakes are discovered, I will fix and update content. While currently we just have a few styles of video, there will be many more types added, as well as different kinds of content as well. My goal is to make as diverse and interesting of learning content as possible, and make each month you are a member a valuable and worthy experience for your time and money.”

And he has done exactly that. When you’re joining LearnProPoker, you’re not only getting a video course, you’re also getting a community.

As you can clearly see from here, you also get two member monthly group sessions of coaching, that you’ll be able to rewatch in the membership area.

There’s also a private members-only Discord in which you can meet new people (even around your area) and talk poker strategy and help each other improve your poker game, collaboration being one of the strong foundations of advancing through poker levels.

Here’s all the sections and what you need to know about them:

SECTION 1 – This is all about theory, what’s missing from your game, represented by GTO baselines and how to bend them exactly to your will to take opponent’s stacks efficently!

Subsection 1 – General Theory will be more of an introductory section for players who don’t own full expertise, and will also serve as a reminder to those who are full fledged professionals. There’s always something to learn and I suggest going through this full course thoroughly.

After that, the next subsection is, of course Preflop. This has a range of subsections which I consider to be very well organized into:

  1. Deep Stack Open
  2. Deep Stack vs Open
  3. Deep Stack Open vs 3-bet
  4. Mid Stack Open
  5. Mid Stack vs Open
  6. Mid Stack Open vs 3-bet
  7. Short Stack Open
  8. Short Stack vs Open

Each of these subsections exhibits not only Monker Solved ranges but also hand examples so you understand how you’re supposed to deviate from Game Theory Optimal to maximize your EV.

You could say that the Preflop section is actually complete, and very comprehensive, it took me quite some time to get through all of it but it was really worth it because I now feel way more confident regarding tournament play.

The 3rd subsection is Postflop and I’ll let you guys discover that one.

Now this is the fun part. The 2nd section of the course contains exactly what’s in the title – real hand histories, real hand examples that will be compared with all the theory that you’ve learnt so you understand it perfectly and it leaves a mark on your game

In addition to that, Ryan records all his group sessions and they are posted on the site:

And, to top it off, there’s a super bonus! Ryan has partnered with a few of your favorite Twitch streamers like Egption, Arlie Shaban and DWStevie, coaching them one on one (there are some group videos too), so you can see some other points of view from experienced true grinders.

.The content keep pouring in and day in day out Ryan keeps delivering content for his poker tournament coaching site.

Getting it

Have you not heard enough?

Well then get on down to LearnProPoker.com where a completely new, powerful and life changing poker tournament coaching experience awaits you!

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