The best poker cash game course going into 2020

The Premise

Here you are. The holidays are coming. Black Friday is amid and you’re in a dark room, clicking away at the Fold button, waiting for that next best hand looking to win money off that reg who’s owned you for the last “I don’t even know how many times this sunrunner’s won vs me, he hits every set I swear!”, fighting away at blind battles and it just feels like you’re trapped in some sort of rake maze from where you can’t even get out. There’s no more rakeback on Stars so life is hard, you actually need a solid winrate now to stay afloat, and it seems like gambling companies greed doesn’t know any borders.

Long gone are the days when we could just “grind away” at the computer, looking for that massive breakeven stretch of hands, that would have eventually got you into the ranks of Supernova, or even, for the most hardest workers of you all, SuperNova Elite.

The bad news doesn’t even stop here. Sites are banning huds, future poker is clean poker, no more 3rd party poker software, almost at all, it’s becoming harder and harder to exploit your opponents, they are becoming better and you still have no idea how your arch nemesis on Zoom NL100 called your shove with 3rd pair no kicker on that 4-card flush 4-card straight board. Is he cheating? Is the RNG broken and people can read it? What in the world is going on even? Nop, that’s definitely not it.

Although some people will run better against you than others, it’s an universal fact pretty much that people do get better in time. They make better laydowns, thinner valuebets, and in general will keep adjusting and making better and better decisions regarding the poker game, be it against you or other people. The fun fact is, you can still make a lot of money, and truly have a Merry Christmas!

I must warn you, though. It’s definitely not easy. There’s no quick Magic Pill that you can ingest with a bit of Perrier water (for efect!) and POP! you just start spitting out hundred dollar bills consistently! There is no river to cross to the other side, unless you change the metaphor to a very very wide river that will take a lot of tedious work and going through a lot of stormy weather, floods and the Bermuda Triangle to get through. Poker is the hardest way to make easy money, but let’s imagine this:

You 3bet the exact same reg we’re talking about. He calls and you’re out of position. You understand that your range is ahead of his on an A73 rainbow board, and you understand that the most efficient way EV-wise to simplify your strategy is betting your full range 1/3 pot, so you can keep your range wide and unreadable going forward. On the turn 8 flush draw on board, you realize that your opponent seems to always be betting the turn in 3bet pots, it seems like that’s always the case! So you check your AJo this time, cause you want to get a lot more value from his floats that now want to bluff. You know that the A in your hand will block a lot of the value combos that your opponent might have, so you call his 2/3 turn bet. The river bricks a 2s, flush missed, you keep checking here and your opponent moves all in. This is a super puke spot. What if he has 54s? What is he’s got 77? You figure out that your opponent is very capable and he will have enough bluffs here too, and you’re so high up in your checking range, you’re blocking part of his value range, so you decide in the end to call it off. He shows 44 and you scoop the pot. What a donk.

It feels good, doesn’t it? It feels good to own the competition, soar through the limits and crush your way to the top. Well, that’s what we’re talking about here!

So let me tell you how to do it. It’s not going to be easy, as I’ve already stated, but it’s going to feel really good once you understand more about it. My eyes have been opened, and I don’t see why you would want to keep yours closed. Now, I can only show you the door, but you have to walk through it.

The Door

I’ve watched and gotten through a lot of cash game courses. I could even say I’ve gone through all of them, if you count everything that’s fully actual. You know, poker in 2018 was way different than 2019(not so much, this is a joke), but poker in 2020 will be way different than poker in 2005. Everybody’s on the grind and you need to get the edge. This was my thought process, so I started digging and digging into cash game courses to find the right one. I wanted to believe in myself and trust that I could get to a level where no opponent would feel neither complicated nor too different to understand, and no limit could seem too complex for me to grasp.

I didn’t find the right one.

I found the best one.

Enter BluffTheSpot Ultimate Course by MMAsherdog.

The Author

MMAsherdog is considered as one of the 10 best No Limit Hold’em cash game players in the world. With over one million dollars profit in 2018 alone, in the toughest cash games online, he can be found on most major sites playing in the biggest games possible.

Just drool on this graph:

274,441 hands doesn’t seem like a lot of work, does it? You could technically play that amount of hands in few months or even less than that. Well, these are really high stakes and it’s not the volume here that’s relevant, it’s what came before it: years of studying away from the tables and gaining experience at the tables. And it’s all ready for you now, you can have that at the click of your mouse. He’s giving you literally the keys to the Lamborghini.

Oh, and here’s what other high stakes players have to say about him:

The Curricula

Not only do you get a High Stakes course, but included in the Ultimate Course you also get The Preflop Bible, updated to version 2.1.1, also created by yours truly MMAsherdog, a pdf file (readable on all devices pretty much) with a great set of preflop ranges fit for perfect game, that should give you precise answers for every situation that might occur on or off the tables. It will even make you coffee!

All jokes aside, this is huge value for the poker world. I’ve gone through this whole course (took me a while just because all the great information is compressed), and I must say I am impressed with the amount of information, the quality and the practicality of it all.

The course library contains:

  1. A Welcome Section, introducing you to the author and giving you some pointers on how to go through the course;
  2. The Fundamentals, which comprises two videos, one regarding how to study with PioSolver – Don’t worry this is not a course where you are told to “Study on your own!” (more on that further), and a bonus video on Live Poker which I found to contain great information not only for online grinders that want to transition to live games, but also for people who’ve been playing live poker for a while, it answers some questions that we all have, pretty much;
  3. Theoretical Videos – Here we get the beefy part of the course, the motherload, 6 longer videos where you get to study with MMAsherdog the most common problematic spots in poker that can be applied to all situations pretty much: Out of Position play from the Big Blind, Blind vs Blind, In Position Play, 3Bet Pots in Position, 3Bet Pots out of Position and 3Bet Pots out of Position as a Caller. The author goes through PioSolver examples, but doesn’t tell us that we have to go through a million strategic flops to figure out each situation individually. You are given a straight, clear set of rules that are almost universally applicable and you’ll know way more about the game after going through this course, dare I say twice, to be able to integrate most of the strategical standpoints and apply them into game. Most of all, they are clear, concise and important ideas and easily applied in the direction of boosting winrate.
  4. Live Play – Here we have two NL500 Zoom sessions where we can watch MMAsherdog play and explain exactly what he’s thinking in relation to the Theoretical Videos part and how to structure your game vs different opponents considering also theory.
  5. Hand Review section – Similar to the Live Play section, MMAsherdog goes over cherry picked hands to detail his thought processes, so you can understand and apply them in your game.
  6. FAQ – A For All Questions video that answers all the other questions that people have, very informative and pleasant that a lot of bonus material is included in this course.

You may also want to see the Table of Content for the Preflop Bible V2.1.1:

Everything you need to know about preflop, am I right?

Finally getting it

The Ultimate Course is available at http://www.bluffthespot.com or you can click on this omagawd banner right below and it will take you right there.

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