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This article is about familiarizing yourselves with poker terminology and also the first for your education!
So, let’s begin in understanding why are we here and what to expect from this learning course!


– you like poker and want to learn more about the game
– you want to play better and impress your friends by winning every time
– you are looking for an additional source of income
– you really want to get good and are looking for a main source of income
– you are curious
So here is what to expect from this course:
– the basics of poker
– how to play certain hands at certain times
– why sometimes it’s good to go all in with 88 but sometimes it’s good to fold KK
– when to slow-play and when to unload the gun
– good bluffing spots, bad bluffing spots
– types of opponents and how to play against them
That’s just off the top of my head, much more in the making!
The following list is very important to know inside out because you will not understand the following articles if you don’t know what these mean! But don’t be frightened, you’ll be using these terms so often you’ll never forget them!
So here’s a comprehensive list of the most important and frequently used poker terms and what they actually mean:
BET – when a player wagers an amount of chips
CALL – when a player puts the same amount another player is asking for in a pot, that’s a call
RAISE – when a player puts more chips in the pot than the bettor, that’s a raise
RE-RAISE – when a player raises the initial raiser
FOLD – when a player gives up the pot and passes his cards to the dealer
CHECK – when a player passes the action to the next player without betting
3-BET – when a player makes the third bet (1) Bet -> 2) Raise -> 3) 3-bet)
CAP – when the maximum betting possibility for that round is reached(normally in Limit Hold’em)
Suit – the type of the card
Ac – the ace of clubs
Kd – the king of diamonds
Jh – the jack of hearts
Qs – the queen of spades
T – 10
Straight – 6789T/A2345/23456/TJQKA
Flush – any 5 cards of the same suit
Two pair – AAKK – Aces and kings / JJ99 – Jacks and nines
FD – Flush draw – Ac Kc on 3c7c8d
OESD – Open ended straight draw – JcTd on 8d9h3s
SET – When you have a pair in your hand and hit another card to improve – 33 on A73
TRIPS – When you have 6c7c on 773
Rainbow board – when a board is like Ac7h3d (all cards are of different suit)
– the notation for this is r at the end of the board. Like A73r
Mono board – when a board has the same suit – like Ac7c3c
Gut-shot – when you have an inside straight draw – 98 on 75A
Backdoor – when you have a draw that can complete in 2 cards, like Th9h on JhAc2d (you could complete a flush draw or a straight draw in 2 cards)
Pocket pair – when you get dealt a pair in your hand
Top pair – AK on A73
Bottom pair – 76 on A86
Middle pair – T8 on A86
Suited cards – when you get dealt cards of the same suit – Ac8c = A8 suited
Off-suit cards – when you get dealt cards of different suits – Ac8d – A8 off-suit
Big Blind – the bigger bet before receiving the cards
Small Blind – half the big blind

That’s about it, if further questions are needed, ask here and I’ll be more than happy to answer in good time!


  1. Avatar SweetAsQueen says:

    TOP, TOP, TOP!!!
    It´s really insane how in is fist coach, made think “outside of the box”!!!
    Cheers from Portugal, budy

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