Sizing 4-bets accurately in online poker

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So, you just got 3-bet. The main idea about 4-betting against regs, and what you want to accomplish by doing this is a number of things:

  1. Get good breakeven fold frequency;
  2. Not give the opponent good pot odds;
  3. Make it so that your opponent can’t 5-bet bluff, he has to shove;
  4. Not give your opponent implied odds with hands that flop rarely but strong.

To get number 1), you need to accomplish a balance between making the 4-bet as small as possible while getting the maximum fold equity from your opponent.

The second one, you need to give your opponent at least around 30% pot odds to call.

The 3rd is generally accomplished, but you should know that you have to force your opponent to 5-bet at least one third of his stack because after that he can never fold.

If an opponent puts in one third of his stack then he has to call the remainder of two thirds into two total stacks, which means that he needs around 33% equity to do so, which with most of the hands that he 5-bets with, he has. So, this means that after 5-betting your opponent will never fold, so he can never 5-bet bluff.

The fourth has its’ explanation in sizing 3-bets, but generally if your opponent has to call over 10bb then he’s not doing this profitably with 55.

Generally vs regs I will size my 3-bets somewhere between 2.1x-2.5x, depending on how good the reg’s understanding of pot odds is. If the opponent is a nitty guy, I will go for 2.1x, because I get the same amount of folds as 2.5x.

If I’m facing a LAG, then I’m more likely to go for 2.3x in position and 2.5x out of position.

Now, vs loose passives who 3-bet me, first of all be sure that you’re in the top 50% at least of their 3-betting range which is already pretty tight because they are loose passives so they 3-bet very tight ranges, but when you have this down, 4-bet to 40bb. Yep, a loose passive after 3-betting will very rarely fold so might as well get in as many blinds as possible when you’re ahead of his 3-betting range. Same goes for whales and maniacs, keep the game simple and take their stacks.

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