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Playing WCOOP? Try GGSeries 3 on the side!

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Are you currently playing the World Championship of Online Poker? Well, you might want to fire up some more tournaments on the side, and if you haven’t heard of the GGSeries 3 yet, let me tell you something about it. In fact, let me tell you some THINGS about it.

  • It’s on GGPoker. Being one of the most respected and facilitating online poker rooms in the world, highest traffic, best graphics and mobile application, multi-OS and huge bonuses, there’s nothing to be afraid of and everything to play for, on this gorgeous platform.
  • Fifty Mil. Yes. $50 Million Guaranteed in prize money. That should be enough for every craving of adrenaline. From event buyins of $5 (and satellites way lower than that) to huge high rollers of $10.000 and $25.000 buyins running every day, there’s plenty of tournaments to choose from. Don’t miss out also on the cash games, they’ll be brimming with action especially during event times.

  • $300,000 GGSeries Leaderboard

    A separate $300K GGS Leaderboard (low, mid, high) promotion, with $300K in prizes handed out across an overall series leaderboard.

    The more you play, the higher you can climb!

  • $100,000 GGSeries 3 Giveaway

    A $100K GGS3 Giveaway for players that meet daily Hold’em or Rush & Cash hand requirements.

    Eligible players will get auto-registered to a Daily $4K MTT running the following day, handing out GGS tickets as prizes.

  • Bubble Protection for Early Birds

Get your buy-in back when you fall at the bubble

If you’re still not convinced, why not give GGPoker a try?

Sign up here and browse, there’s plenty of action for everyone!