Isolation raise sizes in online poker, how much?

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First of all you have to understand that you’re going to be ISO-ing vs a guy who has limped and probably going to call your raise. The reason for ISO-ing is, first of all, getting a loose passive player to put in more blinds with weaker holdings that are going to be folding the flop a lot, and second, making it so that you will be heads up with the player so you can bluff in the first place. Also, ISO-ing has the base idea that if you do flop a relatively strong hand, you can value bet and the final pot will be bigger than if you’d have raised less.

One more thing to consider is that you’re giving a player worse pot odds by raising more, so that he calls incorrectly with a lot of hands vs your strong ISO range.

The last thing that I have to add in favor of the ISO raising range is that you can ISO and then get everyone to fold preflop, so you scoop the pot down a lot of times. Watch out for the breakeven fold frequency of the ISO raise.

Now, the idea behind this ISO si that yes, you have default sizings, especially if you don’t know the limper.

You’re going to raise it up to 4bb if there is only one limper.

If there’s two limpers, then we have to address their tendencies to call a lot preflop.

The problem with bluffing more than one loose passive postflop is that, in general you’re going to get called by one and you don’t get your breakeven fold frequency.

So, to make pretty sure that only one will call you, we’re going to jump from the normal 5bb ISO vs 2 players to 6. I much more prefer this size to be sure that only one of them calls.

For 3 limpers, we go for 7bb, there’s no need to jump 2bb upwards because generally 7bb is going to be already a high enough raise.

Now, there is another adjustment here. If you have a player who is calling more bb with the same range, ISO raise a bigger sizing. It’s exactly the same thing as opening and having a loose passive ahead of you, and even better because here they already invested one blind into the pot so they are more committed in calling a raise. Raise to 8bb. Raise to 9bb. See how much will the limper call preflop without tightening up his range. Some of them might limp-raise after you ISO them a lot, so be careful because this is when you can actually make some serious blinds.

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