How does a nit play in online poker and in general?

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This guy is the easiest to figure out, in general, and the easiest to play against. He is also called a Rock. Nowadays, mostly similar in name to the TAG(Tight Aggressive).

Before you used to differentiate the two, as a Nit would be pretty much way tighter in statistics, but nowadays we know that a TAG is still a Nit, because he is as much as exploitable.

There are two types of nits and this is very relevant not to stats but of your general knowledge and perception of them:

1) Bad Nits – In general, their strategy is to play a very small array of hands(which is called playing tight), and to play these generally aggressive. They raise a lot of high pocket pairs and high broadways pre-flop, and then play them aggressively when they are either top pairs or overpairs or sets. These guys will not generally have that many flush draws in their ranges, unless they are open raising from the BTN or SB, but sometimes not even from there. So, protecting against flushes is borderline unprofitable vs these guys. Also, bad nits will tend to overplay a lot when they have either TPGK(Top Pair Good Kicker), or get really married to overpairs.

2) Good Nits – These guys are exactly the same as Bad Nits, but their Extra Crisp is that they understand their image at the table. They are the next level of nit and if you want to adopt this play style, you’re going to have to understand that everyone knows that you are a nit and they will adjust accordingly. Do you think that not playing 10-20 hands in a row will leave your opponents oblivious? Not really. So, let’s talk a little bit about what these guys do better. They understand that other people will think that they will have a lot of the times at least TP when they double barrel, so they will get raised by at least two pair or sets, so this means that the instant they get raised, they fold TP. Other people will never put you on a bluff so they will never try to bluff-raise back. So then, they will always have IT when you get raised. A Good Nit will appreciate your raising range on the turn/river accordingly and only continue with hands that beat or have a decent chance to get implied odds versus your raising range. A Good Nit will also be very constant and understand that sometimes triple barreling AA will not get the desired result in getting max value, so he might occasionally (rarely) be tricky. But no matter how good the Nit is, he’s still very exploitable because he folds a lot preflop, and having tight ranges, is also very easy to be read post-flop. A Nit is still a Nit and that’s why he’s called a Nit, because he’s a Nit.

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