How does a maniac play in online poker and in general?

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This guy is playing for absolute fun of wrecking his opponents and making them fold. This guy is playing his heart out, trying to get as many folds as possible from his opponents.

This guy is under the impression that if he bets big he will compensate for his lack of knowledge of the game and just make everyone fold and scoop every pot.

Also recreational in nature, but more on the aggressive side, these guys will usually reraise pre-flop a lot, try to pot every flop, turn and river until you fold.

And then, if you don’t fold your Top Pair, you’re such a donkey! This player usually will invent a lot of excuses for which he is running bad, but generally this is just bad play.

General traits are not being able to stop bluffing and losing a lot of stacks really fast, but also the ability (because of variance or opponent’s bad play to try to out-bluff the bluffer) to gain a lot of stacks fast.

His graph is like mount Everest, a lot of high ups and high downs, but in the end, over a large sample size, it’s always going to result in him losing his bankroll.

So you have to understand that if a player is investing money with a lot of hands, you’re supposed to invest a lot of money in hands that can flop strong and call him down on all the three streets. He will also be 3-betting a lot pre-flop, so do start playing hands versus this guy that you are confortable calling a 3-bet with.

Don’t open JTo just to eventually fold when he re-raises, because this way you’re just investing 3BB or whatever your raise size is preflop, and then you’re not even getting a chance on seeing the next 3 cards. You’re just burning money. It feels like when you’re playing vs this guy, every time he’s trying to win the pot so hard, that you can just trap him and trap him and triple check out of position and get his whole stack by check/raising the river.

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