How does a loose passive play in online poker and in general?

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These guys are the bread and butter of online poker. These guys are the most common type of recreational player that you can meet at the poker table, and the guys who will make you the most money.

Their major flaw is that they call too much and can’t really let go of Top Pairs. Ever. They are chained to the logical presumption that if they hit a flop then they have to call it off.

Why? Because they call a lot pre-flop, to hit flops. This is their plan. Now, we know that the odds of a player hitting the flop will be less than the odds of him not hitting, so this means that the Loose Passive will often just be left folding the flop. This will make them emotionally or logically attached to the times when they actually do hit a flop, and they will never let go unless it’s very, very obvious that they’re beat.

This is double exploitable -> You will bluff a lot of flops and take it down a lot of the times -> more than needed of course, and second, you will bet turns and rivers only for value, with really strong hands. Now, if you think about the thought process behind this Calling Station’s play(that is what he is also called), you might arrive to the conclusion that it’s pretty logical to invest into flops that you actually have something on, but this type of game first of all, we said that it’s not reliable because you will not hit often enough, and second of all, it’s very unbalanced and exploitable. But a recreational player will not care about that, he’s at the tables wanting to have fun.

Also, the big problem with this type of player is that he is not organized by position, nor in ranges, and he will generally have a fixed range of hands that he “likes” and he thinks are good, and hands that he sees as really good and raises or re-raises with them. So you can understand the discrepancy here, you can find players that will re-raise and stack-off with ATo pre-flop, but there are Loose Passives who will only stack-off AA, not even re-raise KK, only consider them calling material pre-flop. You can recognize this by seeing their stats and having a large sample size on them. Also watch for their showdowns because that’s where the fastest and most important info comes from. You 20 see him 3-betting 53s? Take note. Stacked off pre AQs 120BB? Make a note and next time 3-bet and get it in with AK vs this guy. Pretty easy, huh? It’s not.

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