How does a loose aggressive LAG play in online poker and in general?

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Loose Aggressive -> this type of player likes to play a lot of hands and likes to play the strong hands fast but also bluff a lot to balance. The LAG will try to put as much pressure as possible on his opponents, pressing hard where it hurts but backing down when you play back too hard. He is the perfect combination between Attack and Defense. Well, at least good ones are. This is the most fierce opponent that you’re going to meet, but as they come, there are still two large categories:

1) The Bad LAG: This guy is just a nit who is playing more hands but is, in general, bluffing too much post-flop but also calling down players with marginal holdings that would best be described as “fold material” to double or triple barrels. This type of player knows what a LAG is, and is trying to imitate the style of the LAG without actually knowing the thought processes behind the Good LAG’s game, so he fails and fails time and time again miserably, but he is not trying to correct his mistakes, all he is just thinking is that either “he got unlucky” or “How am I losing, I’m playing the exact same way as the other guy”, but what he’s not taking into consideration most of the time is the opponent that he has in front of him and what that opponent will think of the Bad LAG.

2) The Good LAG: This particular opponent is the toughest to play against and is, in general, the most balanced player. This guy will steal a lot vs guys who fold a lot to steals, will 3-bet bluff a lot the guys who don’t like to react with a wide range to 3-bets, will barrel turns vs guys who call too many flops, or on cards that “hit his range more than the other player’s”. He is very aware of his image at the table and is the player who constantly adjusts and thinks always throughout the hand “what is this guy thinking I have here?”.

To be honest, if you can answer the last question correctly every time, you’d be the next World Series of Poker Champion on ALL Events. But don’t be that scared yet, because these guys will always have flaws and unless you’re playing with Sauce123 or Isaac Haxton or Phil Galfond at the table, you’re OK. And even if you’d be playing with these guys, there’s bound to also be a recreational player at the table. Just don’t let that player be you. Remember what Mike McD said: “If you can’t spot the sucker at the table in 30 minutes, you are the sucker!” A harsh, but true statement.

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