Do I need poker multitabling software? Which one is best?

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Hi there and welcome to another strategy article!

Through this one I’ll attempt to guide you through the utility of multitabling software, help you figure out if you have an use-case for it, and what it can do for your particular case.

First of all, let’s remove the misconception. Multitabling software doesn’t only help you if you’re playing over 16 tables. Let’s take the example of poker client tiling tables. The problem arises that tables don’t tile themselves optimally to the full surface of the screen, they don’t use all the space available to make the tables more visible. For me that’s a large problem because if I want to tile six or even twelve poker tables on a Full HD screen (which most of us have, unless you’re the lucky one who has a big inch screen with 4K resolution), you’re going to want them clipping to the edges and not leaving a lot of space in between. Most poker sites like to leave that space for a few reasons, among them being table resizing issues – Tables are set to a certain aspect ratio, if you’d want to tile them completely over your screen, you’d have to break that -, and as an anti-reg measure, so that people who want to play a lot of tables have a harder time doing so.

In comes Table Tamer.

With Table Tamer, not only can you adjust the tables to a preset position and resize, and save that layout so that when new tables are opened they get automatically placed into the predefined positions, but you can also specify a custom size for each table, efficiently breaking their aspect ratio and making them use more screen space, if not the maximum. This kind of aspect ratio custom resizing is not possible without custom software. Not only that, but you also have a “Table Thumbnail View” where there’s a huge central table and all the other tables are lined around it, thumbnail-sized, but you can always easily bring them onto front central view.

Also, sometimes you dream of seeing amount of blinds instead of actual $ present at the table. This pulls you away from the concept that you’re playing for real money, and drifts you away from that idea so that you get to focus more on the game and your betsizings. Table Tamer

Hotkey support is very important – especially if you’re multitabling but also, for example, if you’re playing even only two tables of PokerStars Zoom Cash Game Poker, you’re going to act a lot faster when you need to, so the downtime gets almost non-existent, saving you time, making you play more hands per hour, automatically boosting your winrate per hour. You make more money and get more interesting spots faster! With Table Tamer you not only can adjust your hotkeys for various actions, but also use an XBox Controller! Yes, it has support for that too, so you can really feel like gaming / being efficient and preserve your wrist well-being by not using a mouse and keyboard, and save time, too!

Did you also ever think that on some sites, if not all of them, there’s not enough predefined bet sizes for you to use postflop and that also takes a large amount of time for you to properly calculate the percentage of the pot equivalent in $ and then introduce that number and bet it?! Well, Table Tamer can fill in the bet box based on settings predefined by the user. No longer are you limited to three or four bet sizes, now you can have as many as you want! This is also a popular anti-reg measure poker sites employ to lessen your efficiency as a professional player.

Here’s all the sites which Table Tamer supports, updates roll out very often and they good part is that most sites are supported. I’d be surprised if all the sites on which you are currently playing aren’t here. There are clear installation instructions on their page for each site on it’s own, so you can navigate your way easily.

There’s a 15 day trial for everyone in place, so what are you even waiting for? Get on down to TableTamer.com and download your free software right now! After your trial period ends, you’ll only have to pay a monthly subscription. There are also ways to get it for free yourself, but I’ll let you discover this aspect on their site.

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