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    Hey all,

    Nice to meet everyone, greetings from the UK:) At the moment I am playing mostly NL2, zoom and the small stakes tourneys on pokerstars but only No-Limit with No HUD at the moment

    I have been playing poker like a hobby for like 6-7years now and Ive had some success in small buy-in live casino tournaments with £1000 as the top prize but very few and far between as I do not have the funds to consistently keep playing:( I started to play pokerstars online to gain some experience and also had a look at some articles and training sites such as gripsed, unfortunately it seems like its really difficult to win and grind up on pokerstars as I believe it focuses to much on rake so I get bad beat way too often in zoom. I do not own or can afford HM2 as Ive tried it before and I dont think i have been using it properly to help with my gameMy small wins come from small stake tourneys as I am able to get deep in the low stake tourneys but the cash is like double the buy-in so ususally I have played a 2-3 hour tourney for a $1 profit sigh.

    I do have a facebook and but seldomly use it, I like to keep a low profile;)
    I have a degree in Accounting and finance but have not been able to find the job within this sector, I currently work in retail which is a bore so my goal is to be earning more than 2k a month playing poker while obviously improving and becoming a better an all round player

    I want to be challenging for the higher(top5 places more regularly) places in tourneys at all levels; I would like to become a more knowledgeable poker player (strategy/math/reads/taking spots) grinding the right way up through the stakes to be able to compete at the higher levels (NL50 and beyond). In the future if I could become good enough and also earn enough playing poker or even through satellites is to play in the world series of poker main event

    Outside of working and playing poker as a hobby I enjoy playing sports such as basketball/football(soccer), tennis, american pool, and gaming I play assassins creed multiplayer and nba quite regularly at the moment.

    I think ill wrap it up here, nice to meet everyone and hope we can learn and improve together:)


    Tudor Scriminti
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    Hello and welcome to the forum! It’s a small part now, but it will flourish soon!

    I really hope that the resources on this site will help you to persevere in your endeavors and that you’ll ditch the boring job soon! <3


    Check every day for the Daily Video, it’s gonna be really good for your game if you watch these. Cheers!

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