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    First of all I want to thank you for coming onto these forums, and to assure you that no question is stupid enough and that all will be answered!

    So, let’s get onto our posting tutorial!

    First of all, the TITLE of the Thread will be in the form of ‘[Limit Name]Hand Title’. Examples:

    [NL10] I F#@$ed up

    [NL50] Turn raise goes bonkers

    [NL2] I don’t know what I’m doing! RELP!

    After you choose a title for the thread, you probably either are using Hold’em Manager 2 or PokerTracker 4. Alternatively you can just say the hand if you’ve played it live or, for some ellusive reason, don’t have it stored onto the hard drive.

    Here is a way to post a hand for each hand tracker:


    Go to the “Reports” Tab, and select the hand you want to post in the forum. By right-clicking on it, you can find an entry that says “Copy With Stats”. This will copy the hand to your clipboard in text format, and now it’s ready for some cosmetization.

    Copy Hand Text

    After that, we need to make the hand readable! Go to this address, or just google Hand Converter and click the first link:

    Under the Output Format section, select PhpBB:


    Then, kindly paste your hand onto the HAND HISTORY HERE section:

    hand pasted

    Click the Convert Button, and take the contents of the converted bracket onto the thread by just pasting what’s there. The result will look something like this:


    Feel free to add questions, comments and anything else in regards to the hand.

    PT4 tutorial and video tutorial coming shortly.

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