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    Hey guys and welcome to the Blog. I’m going to be posting this blog also on a main page, but I’m going to be writing it here FIRST so that I have a good composition idea on what the posts are going to be about.
    I feel good things incoming on this forums and I believe you’ll also have a good time reading a lot of the stuff around here and talking to people about similar situations, mind-boggling hands and how to Crush The Micros!

    Let’s do this bros!!!!
    I’ve been stalling with the site a bit, but now I’m really working on it, preparing to do a lot of lives, challenges and gymming! I can’t wait to post more in this blog, track my progress and do amazing things!

    Got Scrim TV on a new server, and things should be smoother as ever, it took a while but let’s hope it’s worth it. Now, back to working on the site! NO SLACKING! GTO <3

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