Credentials and Rates

I’ve been playing poker for 7 years, made over $100k online and am living off it for 5 years now, making a whopping 13BB/100 hands on over a million hands @NL10 and clear winner at NL50 and above and MTT.

I have written The Book of Preflop and Master 6-Max, two of the greatest books on 6-max cash game poker, and over 30 articles for PokerVIP and have been an Official Hand Reviewer and Video Producer.

Check out my YouTube channel CrushTheMicros for free coaching videos and I stream almost daily at 10 AM GMT on My Twitch Channel, Scrimitzu

Coaching Experience

I like to help people, and since I’ve started to coach in March 2015, I’ve had over 500 students(some of them still in coaching), with a success rate of 100%. Yes, not even one customer unsatisfied.

This is very fulfilling to me, and teaching others I have found solidifies my knowledge and overall perception of the game.

I don’t pressure time, if we go over it’s not a problem. I’ve remained good friends with a few of my students and I coach them for free now.

I am an adept of the fact that it’s your time that you’re buying so we’re going to do whatever you decide.

If you can’t choose, don’t worry. I will choose what will improve your game the most!

One Hour When you're just trying out
One hour individual time
Database Analysis
Stat correction
Hand Reads
Three Hour Package Really getting into it
Three hours of undivided attention
In-Depth Database Analysis
Fine-tuning Your Game
Thought Process Augmentation
Recording Analysis
Ten Hour Package Go All In!
Ten Unforgettable Hours for Your Game
Thorough Database Analysis and Leakbusting
Recording Analysis & Live Play Sessions
In-Depth Explanations of Mathematical Concepts and Solutions
Line Analysis and Augmentation

What we'll be doing

  • General Game Analysis – Look over the most important stats in your game to figure out where your major leaks are.
  • 3-bet/4-bet/5-bet council – Figuring out and using the optimal ranges against most of your opponents
  • Session Review – Let’s check out some recent hands and see where your leaks are and how you can improve your game permanently by never missing a value-bet or a good bluff opportunity again!
  • Q&A – Ask me whatever about anything. Anything poker related preferably. I am an encyclopedia of poker facts, knowledge and hand reviewing. I can do everything for you in this department.
  • Database Analysis – Give me your poker database and let me find all your leaks! We’re going to plug them and the next time you’re in a tough spot, you’ll know what to do!
  • Demonstration – I play your limit and show you the opponents leaks and how you can exploit them, and you write them down and remember them. This way, you can use them yourself!
  • Math – This is where I think I am best at. Teach you easier ways on how you can calculate everything you need on the spot, and use that to your advantage!
  • Bet Sizing Analysis – The biggest leak I’ve found in most players is being afraid to bet big. Let me fix that for you in some bet sizing analysis sessions.
  • Live Play – Have me over your shoulder watching and directing your every move, live discussion about spots and what could have been done better!
  • Post-flop moves vs regs – Some moves I’ve gathered over the years to include into my arsenal to make money in the long run from regs. You should have them too!
  • Pre-flop perfection – Analyze your pre-flop tendencies and correct the ones that are making you lose a lot of money! And I mean a LOT!
  • Website Consiliation – What are the best sites for me right now to play on ? Where can I find the best deals ? All here.
  • And basically everything you want on top of these.

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Contact me

  • Have been active on 2p2,  PokerStrategy since 2009, and had a really sick blog on PokerVIP (over 20.000 reads).
  • Send me an e-mail to scrimitzu[at] or add me on Skype aiotigara.
  • You can follow me on Twitter @scrimitzu to see when the next stream is LIVE.
  • Partial refunds not available on PayPal payment platform due to scam protection.

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