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This article is about familiarizing yourselves with poker terminology and also the first for your education!
So, let’s begin in understanding why are we here and what to expect from this learning course!

There’s a lot of information on the Internet, in books and magazines, coaching sites etc on what your bankroll management plan should be, in exact numbers. Take whichever seems fit for your needs: but keep in mind one thing while you’re at it: taylor the plan till you’re confortable with the number of buyins for a specific limit.

Is poker a talent-driven domain? Is hard work not enough to be the best or at least in the top class?

To answer these questions, we have to think out of the box for one moment.

Let’s face it. We’re all impatient! We can’t wait to make it to the top, but even if our final objective is so clear in our minds and we imagine ourselves every day beating that NL500 Zoom or defeating OTBRedBaron in a massive heads up battle, all the regs on the site talking about how TrueTeller used to be, but now it’s us!

For all you poker enthusiasts out there, using 3rd party software while playing poker might sound like a weird concept. Imagine playing at two tables at once and keeping track of all your opponents, their tendencies and the lot of showdowns which will give you a lot of info. Now imagine four. Now eight. Double the trouble and you’ve got sixteen. Not so easy anymore, is it?

Let’s be true to ourselves and admit it, nobody likes eating what experts consider healthy to modern trends, nobody likes going to the gym and working your ass off and getting home to an empty table, so that you have to prepare your dinner and then go to bed early. But why should we if we want to be great poker players?

First and foremost, we’ve all heard about the notion ‘poker solver’, but if you’re not really familiar with one or what they do, you should come with us to the future! Let this chapter educate you on the simplest way to have a full-fledged coach aside you and guide you throughout your whole journey!

Imagine this, you are playing at a table and keep opening trying to steal and then some guy keeps 3-betting you a massive amount and you don’t really know what to do because you haven’t been faced with this situation ever before! Well lo and behold, just go into the solver, input your data and get the precise solution so your opponent can never pick on you and exploit you ever again!