Poker Software Review: ICMIZER 2 & SNG Coach

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I was looking these days for a new and improved version of the old PokerStrategy ICM Trainer Light that we all used to use back in the day to train our ICM pushes, and was very curious of what alternatives are out there. Lo and behold, enter the ICMIZER 2, along with SNG Coach.

First of all, I really appreciated the fact that this software lets you use it for free three times a day. So, you can make a free account here and try it out 3 times per day, customize it with your questions and then get the perfect calculated answers, to see if you did well or not in your MTT run.

Alternatively, you can try to copy a few hands from your Holdem Manager 2 or PokerTracker 4 database and just import them into ICMIZER, saving you a lot of time in the process. ICMIZER can read any importable hand history from HM2 and PT4, so most sites will be supported.

Register a Free Account with ICMIZER

For this, you have three options:

  1. Pasting a hand from the clipboard
  2. Pasting and entire hand history that you copied from Holdem Manager or PokerTracker
  3. Selecting a file from your hard drive that can even contain an entire tournament, or multiple, to import directly into ICMIZER.

The last option actually impresses me, because I’m able to go through an entire tournament (well, mostly through the push spots), and figure out immediately where I made mistakes. Allowed maximum for a file is 700kb. Some tournaments might run deeper than that, but if they do, just select half, export and import, run it, review it, then select the other half, and do the same, voila.

As you can see, I made it import 396 hands from my deep Sunday Million run, it took around 1 minute to get them all in, but after it did, software works flawlessly.

ICMIZER Hand Importing

What I can immediately say is that I totally and completely LOVED their replayer. It is by far the best looking and functional hand replayer that I’ve ever seen, works flawlessly and everything without looking too complex and complicated. As I’ve noticed, the replayer has the role of helping you browse for the hands that you have questions about, through a large sample like 400 hands, which it does very well.

ICMIZER 2 Hand Replayer


The deepness of this software actually surprised me. I tried to ICMIZE(for chip EV) a hand where I had AQ in the Big Blind for a little bit over 20 blinds vs a UTG 3x, and then I saw that it assigned a bit too wide range for the UTG raise, because this was a situation where the bubble was close and everyone was tight, so I clicked the range and was infinitely surprised that I can edit this to whatever I want! Holy Moly! From 15% that it assigned, I restricted it to a mere ATs+/AQ+/88+, so around 6%.

ICMIZER Range Selection

Now, let’s just Calculate Nash equilibrium and figure out what is the perfect re-shoving range for this:

ICMIZER Nash shoving range

The thing that I also noticed about this software is that a lot of it is server-sided and that’s mostly why it will actually work in your browser, which is insane for a piece of software of these proportions. Now that we have all our questions answered, let’s look at a legitimate question asker.

SNG Coach is a powerful and extremely fun, secondary function of this program that comes bundled up separately (you can either get only ICMIZER 2 or both of these products together). What it does is it tries to put your brain to the test, it gives you random (or as specific as you’d like to set) questions that will test out your ICM and Chip EV skills, in whatever setting you want, tell you how good you are versus the majority of the player pool, and rank you in the top percentage of players on the site, and this is a great indicator of wherever you are. You can choose between a few templates here:

SNG Coach Template Selection Screen

As you can see, and this is only a small list of templates, they have mostly every format that you’ll ever need, from 6-max Hypers to Spin & Go and 1500-man MTT! The list is almost infinite and contains all major and even smaller sites and formats. It’s a ‘To be completed’ list that is ever growing.

Also, after selecting the format, you get to choose a lot of specifics that will help you train in the exact area that you want to train.

SNG Coach Customization Screen

To be honest, I totally recommend doing all the 120 questions that you get per day before you start your MTT session, it does an amazing job at preparing and training you. If you do this every day, you’ll be a lot better at these very important spots, and next time when you do get to that shorter stack or in those spots that you just don’t know what to do from the BB when SB keeps jamming and jamming in your face, you’ll remember you were wrong in SNG Coach and for good reason. Here, mistakes don’t cost anything, on real poker sites they do. Why not minimize them and get the best results possible? As far as I’m concerned, not using this software and wanting to be a professional MTT/SNG/Spin and Go player should be illegal.

One of the cool things that I noticed was that it gives you hands that are close to each other, and you get to press either push or fold in all four situations. It firstly gave me fifteen placement questions to figure out what my skill is and where I rank subsequent to the other guys in the player pool.

Now, this is my experience with it: at first, it started giving me a few pretty easy questions, that were very easily solvable, and I was afraid that this would actually BE the software. I was also pretty much pleasantly surprised that you can see the EV of absolutely every hand that you play and you can also ICMIZE the hand so that you can get a clear square graph and result on what hands you’re supposed to push and fold, along with their respective EV.

SNG Coach First Questions

Afterwards, as I got closer and closer toward the top spots, I started receiving harder and closer questions about push/fold spots. It started to get really close.

SNG Coach Tougher Spots

As I kept answering more and more questions I got ranked in the top 4% of players answering 9-max Chip EV situations, and the edge started getting really small. A9s is a push here, but A6s and QTo is not. I was actually surprised at this point to see that K8s has more EV(even though it’s negative) than QTo. I am probably under-ranking some of these high card suited hands. Leak busted!

Overall the software is very helpful and I do believe it’s the best out there on the matter. If you want to train SNG, MTT and Spin and Go, this is the place to be.

A lot of customization, excellent crisp graphics, fast, not resource consuming, very practical and bland.

In an ever-growing world of poker tournament formats, ICMIZER 2 and SNG Coach are here to serve.

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