How to climb the limits faster without going broke

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Let’s face it. We’re all impatient! We can’t wait to make it to the top, but even if our final objective is so clear in our minds and we imagine ourselves every day beating that NL500 Zoom or defeating OTBRedBaron in a massive heads up battle, all the regs on the site talking about how TrueTeller used to be, but now it’s us!

But this, my friends, takes patience. It takes a lot of failing to get there. You can’t just sit down with the Mad Russian and win in the first match. You have to lose all your bankroll so Rounders can actually have a story.

But maybe this is not the only solution to our time problem. In the previous article, we discussed about the number of buyins that you’d need for a specific limit to be confident that the swings will not ultimately destroy you. But alas, there’s another way! And it actually bares no risks!

Are you beating NL5 but then you know that you’re going to have to grind 40 buyins for NL50 eventually and that will be a massive pain?

Do you think you’re good enough to beat higher limits, but then yet, you don’t have the bankroll for such and the grind feels like such a pain? Use this solid structure, fool-proof ladder method that I invented.

First of all, you should be beating NL2. Get that sorted out and if you still can’t do it, watching a lot of the videos on this channel will definitely help with that!

After you’re beating NL2, be a gentleman and grind upwards to 125$, so that you find yourself having at least 25 buyins for NL5. Time for a 5-buyin shot. You don’t have to jeopardise a large portion of your bankroll. Just 5 buyins and you’re done. If it doesn’t work out, the instant you hit 100$, go down. Grind the 25$ up again, and take another shot. See how this is way easier than grinding from 50$ to 125$? It’s grinding 12 NL2 buyins instead of 37!

And don’t be scared that 5 buyins is not enough to keep it going. If you’re clearly beating the upwards limit, there’s a good chance you never lose those first 5 buyins. So this means that you’ve advanced and started winning at the upwards limit, a lot faster!

From this small explanation, I bet you get the point. What about NL10? Well take a 5 buyin shot whenever you’re ready! If you fail, just move down to NL5 again, and grind another 10 buyins! Easy as that!

Of course, this rule can be adjusted and you can take larger buyin shots, like 8 buyins or 10 buyins. Who’s to say you can’t even take smaller shots like 2-3 buyins? It’s your choice, really, choose what’s best for you.

The key is to maintain your game at that higher limit, do not change your game thinking that you have to do something “fancy” to win, just play your best and solid game, exploit your opponents till they go all in blind three times in a row then push their PC’s power button, and go upwards as fast as you can! This is a very easy and fast way to do that! Make the necessary adjustments and steamroll the opposition!


I hope you enjoyed this article and it helps you on your journey,