A small roadmap to winning more money in poker casino games

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Hi there and welcome back to another article! But now, you need to really listen, this is an important matter that you might have been ignoring.

I know poker is fun and everything. You’re going a few nights per month at the casino and sometimes winning a lot and sometimes the nights aren’t really  that fun, are they? What if I told you that you could have more fun nights out there? Take notice that I’m not saying that you can constantly win at poker, because that’s not really possible, but there is a time and a place for everything and I believe that for you that time might be now.

Do you see some familiar guys every time you go to the casino? Do you happen to have 2-3 players that you play with constantly and they seem to always be there? That’s because they are not fun players and they’re making a constant living out of poker.

Yes, that can be done, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of stories but maybe what you don’t know is that everyone can do it because of human nature. Human nature, and this is scientifically proven and connected to mammals in general, is to be lazy. Also, you’re in luck because just like you, a lot of people go out to play poker for fun.


How would you feel if I told you that not only can more nights be fun because you’re winning a lot of money, but also you can, at some point, make so much money that your job will feel really unattractive?

Thought so, welcome aboard.


Now, you might be thinking, sure Mr. Hotshot Article Writer, but I’m no Tom Dwan, I’m no Isaac Haxton, I’m no Isildur1, how do I actually do this?


Well, you’re in super luck. I’m a long time online and live grinder and I can assure and guarantee you that live games are really really easy to beat, compared to online games. A $1/$2 game at a casino will be the equivalent, most of the time, to a $0.02/$0.04, 4$ maximum buyin game online. This is great because it means that you can practice  versus almost the same opponents you will find in a live game, at home, for a micro fraction of the money that you’d play at the casino, not only that but you can also play more hands per hour at a table, no slacky dealers, and at some point you’ll find yourself opening more than one table, I can guarantee this.


Now, that you have the training grounds, you have to understand that knowledge is the deciding factor in your poker success. The more you know, the more you understand how the game should evolve in time, the more information you can gather on your opponents because now you understand a lot more deep concepts that go into gameplay.


To start it off, I’m going to recommend a really comprehensive article on poker, that will enlighten you on some of the numbers you will have to juggle around with, dealing with your opponent’s bet sizes, and tips and tricks on how to be a better hand reader. You can find this article at the link below: 


After you get done with this, you can check out our YouTube channel for more advanced training and


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